IllinoisHandball – Promoting Handball. 4-Wall, 3-Wall, and Any Ball, Any Wall Handball – The mission of the Illinois Handball Association is to promote handball, the Perfect Game. We sponsor a number of tournaments a year and provide our members with information about handball in Illinois and all over the world.

IHA Officers

Dave Munson – Chairman: info@illinoishandball.org

Jamie Simon – Executive Director: hdbllsimon20@gmail.com

Mike Munson – Secretary

Ray Bursic – Treasurer

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  • Andy Hollan says:

    A former Chicago resident and handball player,Paul Haber stated one time that he and Mike Dau could win the USHA national handball doubles championships. Unfortunately playing singles and doubles in national handball championships took a toll on even Iron Man Playboy Paul .

    While living in Illinois Paul visited Lake Forest College for handball camps,clinics and play the pro nights Haber was also active in the Land of Lincoln competing in countless 3 and 4-wall handball tournaments.

    A free tribute short documentary can be viewed online.Paul Haber:Against the Wall.Over forty film festivals around the world have accepted and shown the movie.It has won awards in various categories and assisted in getting the global community aware of the perfect game and it’s most controversial competitor.

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