IHA News From The Chairman

We have updated the format of the IHA website. There are some exciting new features and we will continue to try to update the site moving forward. Look for more frequent email updates from the IHA. One of my favorite features of the new site is that you can enter tournaments on line. This will be a very good place to go to sign up for the tournaments because it will go directly to the tournament director.

The Three Wall Season is upon us. This is the most exciting time for handball in Chicago. Sun, hot weather and killshots; What could be better?

The La Grange Three Wall Tournament is upon us. It will take place July 11 – 14. The entry deadline is July 8. This is such a great event. Great handball. Tremendous hospitality. Plan on entering the best tournament of the year. If you can’t play, come out and watch. It really makes the event to get a big crowd out to the courts for the big matches on Saturday afternoon. You will see some of the best handball in the country. The comraderie is great also. So I hope to see you out there either playing or watching.

Two weeks after La Grange, as is tradition, will be the Rainbow Beach Doubles tournament. This will take place July 26 – 28. This is a particularly fun event by the water on the south side of Chicago. Plan on playing, or again, coming out to watch the top guys duke it out for the doubles crown.


  • Sindy Cortez says:

    Do you guys ever do tournament in the lake county area? Or do you guys have any handball court info for the lake county area? We’ve been here 7 years now and haven’t been able to find anything close

    • John Skrabutenas says:

      There’s a group that plays 4-wall handball at the College Park Athletic Club in Bannockburn (see info from this Metro League link ). The group plays M Tu evenings and Sa morning.

      There’s also LFC, of course, for all levels of competition, from beginners to open competition.

  • Sindy Cortez says:

    ok.. well im looking for outdoor.. but thank you anyways…

    • The only places to play outdoors is LaGrange and Rainbow Beach. I’m not aware of any outdoor courts in Lake County. Come down to Rainbow Beach on a Sunday morning and there will be lots of players.

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