IllinoisHandball Mourns with the Handball World- RIP “The Goat” David Chapman, 1975-2017.


The Handball Family around the world mourns the passing of David Chapman.  Chapman, 42, passed away suddenly at his home, Tuesday, October 10.

David Chapman was the youngest player to win a USHA National Four-Wall Open Singles Title at the age of 17 in 1993 when he defeated Randy Morones in the final.  He also won the doubles that year.  Chapman was a nine-time USHA Four-wall National Singles Champion, won two World Singles titles, held multiple doubles titles and was the No. 1 ranked pro handball player for nearly 10 years.  Whenever there’s discussion on who was the best four-wall handball player ever, Chapman’s names is at or near the top of the list.  In September, Chapman reached the final of the one-wall small ball final at the 3WALLBALL Outdoor Championships in Las Vegas. 

Chapman’s death is a shock to all, and our deepest sympathy goes to his family.


“Chapman was truly one of a kind player and person. I saw him play very early in his super young career. First, I doubt there will ever be a player who was as accomplished at such a young age. For me, David was the most intelligent player and the greatest defensive player I have ever seen. His anticipation was as good as it gets and offset some of the weight he carried allowing him to beat many players that appeared to be more “athletic”. I don’t think many people remember the first part of his career as well from age 16-22 or so when he was skinny and in great shape. I first saw him play 3-wall at the LaGrange tournament and then Toledo where he brought some new dimensions to the 3-wall game with that ceiling shot and mistake-free handball that would wear out his opponent. Then he basically patented the lob serve in 4-wall. He would get in so many players heads with that serve. I had to laugh watching him lob serve the ball recently in 1-wall too.

I don’t think there’s many people who saw him play more than my dad, Ed Zahorik. He was his favorite player. My dad loved his personality too. A true handball legend.”

RIP David Chapman, 1975-2017



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