Nik Nahorniak/Bill Mehilos Win the Open, @ the 50th Annual Rainbow Beach 3-Wall Doubles

Rainbow Beach Doubles.. Final Results:

Open/A Doubles: Nahorniak/Mehilos Def. Szatkowski/Szatkowski  21-13,21-15

B Doubles: P.Hammond/M.Coman Def. D.Valera/D.Valera  21-9,(18-21),11-8

50+ Doubles: Williams/Osburn Def. D.Dohman/Rosenthal  21-10,(17-21),11-2

60+ Doubles: T.Allen/Jimmy Q. Def. L.Dohman/Vail  21-11,21-16

Final Draws below:

Rainbow ’13 A Doubles,  Rainbow ’13 B Doubles,   Rainbow ’13 50 Doubles,   Rainbow ’13 60 Doubles

The Finals of the Open and 50+ Doubles are now on YouTube… Click the link at top of the page to watch now!

View Tournament Photos on Google+…

Open Finalists

60+ Finalists

50+ Finalists

B Finalists

Rainbow Beach National Champions




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