Rainbow Beach Singles/Old Guy Doubles 3-Wall Tournament- Final Results

In the Open Singles, Dane Szatkowski defended his title of “King of the Beach” vs. Nik Nahorniak… 21-17, 2-0(Inj. Def.)..Nahorniak injured heel (Status TBD). With Bright Blue Skies overhead, well over 100 players & spectators were treated to a fantastic weekend of Handball and Friends.

See you in Toledo…

View Final Results Below:

Rainbow Singles ’13 Finals-Open,    Rainbow Singles ’13 Finals-A/B,   Rainbow Singles ’13 Finals-40,

Rainbow Singles ’13 Finals-90 Dbls,    Rainbow Singles ’13 Finals-55 Dbls

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dane-nik290 Doubles Final

40 Singles Final 55 Doubles Final

A-B Singles Final

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