Remembering Bob Tutlewski

Bob “King Tut” Tutlewski died Sunday July 19 after years of battling with cancer, he was 72. He died at the University of Chicago Hospital accompanied by his wife of 48 years Delores. She never left his side just like the handball courts. Bob cut his teeth in the Illinois handball community at Rainbow beach, he will be missed. Here’s a handball poem his son Robbie wrote…

To the
One wallers 
Shot callers 
Blu ballers 
Kings of the cement 3 wall courts 

Kill shot, pass shot 
Tut you had them all 
Bottom board, never short, never out 
With you and butch it was always a brawl 

Young ones, old ones 
They never had a chance 
Short ones, fats ones 
You left them dazed in a trance  

You weren’t the lightest 
And butch always showed up late 
When you were there 
Your opponent knew there fate 

You hit hard and fast 
They never saw you coming 
Your wrap arounds and bottom boards 
Always left them running 

Just like the immigrants before you 
Those courts were yours 
Between those cements walls 
You fought battles, you fought wars 

You always left friends 
It’s was only a game 
But tut came to win 
His kill shot would put you to shame 

Let’s get a drink 
Let’s cheers to the one wallers 
You will always be remembered 
Kings of the courts and the tru handballers 

-Robbie & Tutlewski family 

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  • Mark S Schwartz says:

    I played many doubles matches against Tut and Butch McGee. The first time I heard them sniping at each other, I thought it portended well for my team. Over the years, I came to realize 2 things:

    1. However much they argued, they always played well; and,
    2. There was nothing in the world that those guys wouldn’t have done for one another.

    I’ll miss you Tut.

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